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  • Do you have an up-to-date calendar on your website of your scuba classes and dive trips?
  • Are all the details for past and future classes and trips there, including space availability and photos?
  • Are you able to maintain this information in real-time, as participants sign-up for trips and classes, and without having to know a single thing about web programming?
  • Can your staff access all of the details, including the rosters, anytime and from anywhere?
  • Do you have a detailed database of your customers including what classes and trips they've been on, what certifications they have, their photo, bio, repair and special order history?
  • NEW! Can your clients lookup their special orders and repairs on the website to check the status? Is this information maintained by your staff in a convenient online database?
The most effective dive software available, diveroster.com is a "web-based database" that allows you to maintain your client, class, and trip rosters in an easy-to-use and central location. It is a comprehensive CRM (customer relations management) package and works for you in conjunction with your current website and point-of-sale software.

The program maintains an online calendar that you link to from your website, providing up-to-the-minute information for participants and prospective participants in your classes and trips. It includes a complete photo gallery, bios on your staff and customers, tracking of complete certfication histories, and includes modules for tracking special orders and repairs!

It was custom developed for dive facilities (dive shops, scuba centers, dive charter operations, etc.), but works perfectly for dive clubs as well. Security features provides different levels of access for the public and your staff.

Best of all, there is no software to purchase, install, update, or backup; it is completely web-based!

"You can call it dive software, scuba software, dive shop software, scuba shop software, dive center software, scuba center software, dive centre software, scuba centre software, scheduling software, etc. Whatever you call it, it works!"

"It may not be free, but it is inexpensive, and when you look at the obvious benefits, you'd have to be crazy not to be using DiveRoster!"

"Who would have thought that the retail dive industry was big enough to warrant such an advanced and custom piece of CRM (customer relations management) software?"

"I'm told that DiveRoster is an "application service provider" or ASP. I didn't know the term but know after using it that this is the future of quality software: convenient, custom, and cheap!"

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